Making the Health Case for Climate Action

Climate change is already harming the health of people across Canada. The heat dome claimed the lives of hundreds of people in the lower mainland of BC alone this summer. Researchers estimate that wildfire smoke is producing $4.7 to $20.8 billion in health-related impacts each year in Canada.

We at the Canadian Health Association for Sustainability and Equity (CHASE) are excited to announce the launch of a new project with the Small Change Fund – Communicating the Health Case for Climate Action. 

With this new project, we plan to amp up our work on climate change.  We want the public, other health professionals, and decision-makers to understand:

  • the health risks of climate change for people in Canada, particularly for vulnerable and disadvantaged populations;
  • the policies and programs needed to fight climate change and protect people from its health risks; and
  • the significant health and social benefits that can be produced with certain climate actions.

We will focus on the policies needed to make our communities healthier, more sustainable and more equitable – with a particular focus on public transit, green space, and building retrofits.

Experience has shown us that the public and decision-makers are more likely to take action on issues that have an impact on the health of people and their families.  Health professionals are also influential messengers.  We are seen as trust-worthy and independent. 

As a Canadian non-profit organization directed and run by public health professionals with a long history of work on environmental and built environment issues, CHASE will work in collaboration with other health associations, community groups and environmental organizations to win climate solutions that improve health and social equity.

The Small Change Fund is a Canadian charitable organization founded and run by people with many years of experience running non-profit organizations and large foundations. They will manage the project and issue tax receipts to those who donate     

To donate to this project, click here.  We can not do it without you!