Applying Health Equity-informed Planning to Operations in Niagara Region

Using Health Equity-informed Planning to Regional Decisions

Looking for Examples: Public Health Promoting Health, Health Equity & Climate Action

Looking for Examples – Public Health Promoting public health, health equity and climate action

Public Transit – Good for Health, Social Equity and the Planet!

Public transit is good for health, social equity and the planet.

Active Travel – Good for Health, Social Equity and the Planet!

Physical Activity – Good for Physical and Mental Health The health benefits of physical activity are well known. It can reduce the risk of over

Invest in building retrofits to create Healthy, Green and Just communities

Investing in building retrofits can improve health, reduce health inequities and fight climate change.

Zero Emission Vehicles – Good for Health and the Planet!

Public health encouraging investments and policies to promote ZEVs to produce health, social equity and climate benefits.

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