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Media Hits & Media Releases

The Hamilton Spectator. Op-Ed on Bill 23. Kim Perrotta, CHASE and John Atkinson, OPHA. Encouraging Sprawl Harms Health. November 20, 2022.

The Hamilton Spectator. Op-ed on Ontario’s Electricity Plan. Kim Perrotta and Dr. Mili Roy. Ford is Gambling with our Future. October 31, 2022

The Hamilton Spectaor. Op-Ed on the Oil and Gas Sector. Kim Perrotta and Ronald Macfarlane, CHASE. We’re out of time on greenhouse gas emissions. September 28, 2022.

Times Colonist: Commentary. Dr. Trevor Hancock. Public Health Plays a Key Role in Urban Planning. July 5, 2022

Healthing: Opinion. John Atkinson, OPHA and Kim Perrotta, CHASE. This election will shape our communities, our health, and the future of our children. May 27, 2022

Capital Current: Going greener: CHEO promises to kick its carbon habit – Capital Current. Wafa El-Rayes. Dec 5, 2021

Media Release: Eight Canadian Health Organizations Call on Canada to do its Fair Share at COP26. Oct.19, 2021.

The Hill Times: OP-ED. Kim Perrotta, CHASE and Helen Doyle, OPHA. Health Professionals Prescribe Climate Action for a Healthy Future. Oct 15, 2021.

The Hill Times: Op-Ed. Kim Perrotta, CHASE, and Dr. Jacob Pendergrast. The Public Health Case for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. July 26, 2021.

Hamilton Spectator: Op-Ed. Kim Perrotta, CHASE, and Pegeen Walsh, OPHA. Climate Change – the New Public Health Emergency. July 12, 2021

National Observer. Carl Meyer. National Observer. April 6, 2021. Health groups ask Liberals to ensure climate spending helps low-income families. 

Media Release re: Public Transit Funding is a Win for Public Health and Social Equity. CPHA, OPHA & CHASE. Feb 10, 2021

Media Release: August 6, 2020. Public Health Organizations calling for a Green, Healthy and Just Recovery.

Hamilton Spectator. June 23, 2020. Op-ed prepared by Dr. Charles Gardner, Ian Culbert and Kim Perrotta. COVID-19 Recovery can Help in Climate Crisis.

Media Release: May 29, 2020. Principles for a Just Recovery for All.

The Toronto Star. April 26, 2020. Article that cites Ronald Macfarlane, Associate with CHASE. Torontonians cant wait for the City’s green spaces to reopen; not so fast says Mayor John Tory.

Hamilton Spectator. April 20, 2020. Op-ed by Kim Perrotta. ED for CHASE. Green Investment and Resilient Communities Lead to a Brighter Future.

Hamilton Spectator, March 21, 2020. Op-ed by Kim Perrotta. ED for CHASE. Large Grocers should do more to Flatten the Curve.

CTV New Winnipeg. Sept 2019. Climate Change presents risks to Health. Interview with Kim Perrotta.

Toronto Star. September 2019. Article with Kim Perrotta, ED for CAPE. What happened to the smog days of summer.

Prairie Climate Centre. Aug 201. Prairie Atlas Climate Change and Health Website. Kim Perrotta interview.

CBC New Brunswick. June 06, 2019. Health impacts of climate change in New Brunswick. Interview with Kim Perrotta, CAPE ED.

National Observer. February 2019. Op-ed by Kim Perrotta, ED for CAPE. Canada’s Health Organizations Demand Action on Climate Change.

Edmonton Journal. June 7, 2019. Op-ed by Kim Perrotta, ED for CAPE and Dr. Joe Vipond, CAPE Board Member. Ignoring Climate Change is Bad for Albertan’s Health.

Toronto Star. September 2018. Op-ed by Kim Perrotta, ED for CAPE, and Dr. John Howard, Chair of CAPE Board. Carbon Tax is being used to improve health.

Toronto Star. March 2018. Op-ed by Kim Perrotta. ED for CAPE. Public Transit Benefits Everyone, Even those who Don’t Use it.

Bloomberg Video. 2018. Interview with Kim Perrotta, CAPE ED. Activists sue Environment Canada for Dragging heals in VW Investigation.

Horizons. Queen’s Family Medicine. Queen’s University. Spring 2018. Article by Kim Perrotta. Travel, Transportation: Shifting the way we move

The Hill Times. December 2017. Op-ed by Kim Perrotta, ED for CAPE and Judi Varga-Toth, ED for Canada Bikes. Active transportation needs a federal champion

Globe and Mail. April 2017. Op-ed by Kim Perrotta, ED for CAPE and Dr. Granger Avery, President, CMA. It’s Time to Clear the Air on Canada’s Coal-Fired Electricity.

National Observer. March 2017. Op-ed by Kim Perrotta. Connecting the Dots on the Health Impacts of Coal Plants.

CMAJ Blog. March 2017. Article prepared by Kim Perrotta. Misled by Incomplete Facts about Air Quality & Health Impacts of Coal Plants.

Edmonton Journal. May 2016. Op-ed by Kim Perrotta, ED for CAPE. Phase-out of Coal-Fired Power Plants belongs on G7 Health Agenda.

National Observer. March 2016. Op-ed by Kim Perrotta, ED for CAPE and Ian Culbert, ED for CPHA. Canada’s Climate Plan Can Improve Human Health both at Home and Abroad.

IPolitics. 2016. Op-Ed by Kim Perrotta and Courtney Howard. Clear the Air on Climate Change.

The Record. Nov 29, 2016. Op-ed by Kim Perrotta, CAPE ED. A Good Week for People and the Planet.

660 City News. Dec 2016. Interview with Kim Perrotta, CAPE ED. Coal Phase-out will lead to healthier Albertans.