Suburban sprawl encroaching on farmland in Ontario

OP-ED: Encouraging Sprawl Harms Health

Bill 23 can increase urban sprawl which would put the health of Ontario residents at risk while threatening the future for our children.

OP-ED: Ford is Gambling with our Future

Ontario’s Electricity Plan Threatens Public Health and the Future of our Children

Favoriser un environnements bâtis sain sur l’île de Vancouver

PROJET En 2013, Island Health a créé le portefeuille de l’environnement bâti sain (EBS), sachant à quel point la conception et le développement des collectivités

Promoting Healthy Built Environments on Vancouver Island

Public health on Vancouver Island has been working with communities to create healthy, equitable and sustainable communities.

OP-ED: We’re out of time on greenhouse gas emissions

We need ambitious emission caps for the oil and gas sector in Canada.

Best Practices for Active Travel and Health Equity in Small Towns in British Columbia

Effective strategies for developing active travel in rural and remote communities.

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