Climate Inaction Threatens the Livability of the Planet

Op-ed by Kim Perrotta published in The Hamilton Spectator, October 24, 2023 Link to Hamilton Spectator Many people still think that catastrophic climate chaos is

OP-ED: Ford is Gambling with our Future

Ontario’s Electricity Plan Threatens Public Health and the Future of our Children

Looking for Examples: Public Health Promoting Health, Health Equity & Climate Action

Looking for Examples – Public Health Promoting public health, health equity and climate action

Public Health and the Built Environment

Public health professionals working to influence the built environment to improve public health and reduce health inequities.

OP-ED: Climate change the new public health emergency

Opinion reprinted from The Hamilton Spectator By Pegeen Walsh and Kim Perrotta, Sun., July 11, 2021 The last week has been a harsh reminder that while

Invest in Renewable Energy for a Healthy, Green and Just Recovery

Renewable energy can improve air quality and public health, reduce health inequities, while fighting climate change.

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